Our Department Managers

The Christopher's Fine Foods Store Management Team, led by our Store Manager Joe Terry and Associate Store Manager Dennis Lowman keep things running smoothly. Depending on your shopping habits, you may never meet some of our managers, but rest assured that they maintain a watchful eye on store operations to provide you with the best shopping experience and greatest value for your dollar. They are here to help in any way that they can and are always eager to hear from our customers. Feel free to stop any of them in the aisles to share a word of praise for our staff, ask a question about our products or services or just pass on a kind smile and a wave.
  • Joe Terry

    Joe Terry - Store General Manager

    Joe leads the Christopher's Fine Foods Store Management Team. Together they keep things running smoothly.

  • Dennis Lowman

    Dennis Lowman - Store Associate Manager

    Working with our customers, staff, and vendors Dennis keeps a watchful eye on things.

  • Devin Houchens

    Devin Houchens - Store Assistant Manager

    Devin covers a variety of shifts around the store. You are almost certain to find him around when you visit.

  • Maria Davis

    Maria Davis - Back Office Manager

    While not visible to our customers on a day to day basis, Maria keeps the back office on track.

  • Mona Cleek

    Mona Cleek - Front End Manager

    Probably the most familiar faces in the store to many of you, our Front End Manager, Mona, oversees the Front End Department consisting of our cashiers and customer service staff.

  • Steve Hardesty

    Steve Hardesty - Night Manager

    Steve helps to get the week off to a good start. You can find him on Monday nights getting things ready before the big game.

  • Courtney Hoff

    Courtney Hoff - Night Manager

    Working in the evenings, you'll find Courtney keeping an eye on the shelves and keeping the store looking good.

  • Bradley Lubow

    Bradley Lubow - Technology Manager

    Bradley works to ensure that the cash registers and other systems in and around the store are working properly. Our electronic media presence also falls under his purview. So when you see those website or social media posts, you know he's hard at work.

  • Meat Dept. Manager

    Darrin Miller - Meat Manager

    Here at Christopher's we are still making fresh ground meats and we cut meat fresh daily. Led by Darrin, our Meat Department provides you with the finest cuts of beef, chicken, and pork available.

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor - Frozen Food Manager

    Tom runs the Frozen Foods Department. He makes sure that there is plenty of ice cream for that sweet tooth, and a wide assortment of frozen entrees and sides to compliment any meal.

  • Jenny Malley

    Jenny Malley - Deli / Seafood Manager

    Jenny heads the Deli & Seafood departments. Jenny leads a great crew who will assist you. From sliced meats and cheeses, deli salads, party trays, a variety of fresh seafood choices, and more, our staff focuses on each order to get you just what you need.

  • Reed Terry

    Reed Terry - Produce Manager

    Offering a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, a selection of fresh flowers, and local produce when available, Reed and his staff makes sure that you get the best produce available.

  • Lorie Simmons

    Lorie Simmons - Bakery & Prepared Foods Manager

    Lorie and her staff provide you with hot and fresh rotisserie chickens, a hot food lunch bar, fresh baked breads and pastries, cakes, and specialty items sure to wow your guests.

  • John McGrew

    John McGrew - Dairy Manager

    Led by John, our dairy department team makes sure that our shelves are stocked with a great selection of milk, eggs, juices, cheeses, and other specialty items.

About Company

Christopher's Fine Foods is a grocery store that serves the southern Anne Arundel county area surrounding Churchton, Deale, and Shady Side Maryland, along with the neighboring communities.

We are a local and veteran owned business.

Looking for a job? We are looking for some good people. Go online, or fill out our printable job application and bring it back to our customer service desk. We would love to hear from you!

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